Vocabularius Theutonicus online


Exciting news: a great, easy to use Middle Low German online dictionary is now available online – The Vocabularius Theutonicus online.

This online dictionary is based on an influential Middle Low German/Latin school dictionary from the late 14th century presumably composed by Johannes Egbert from Einbeck (Germany) known as the “Vocabularius Theutonicus”. The approx. 5,000 entries cover lemmata from the Middle Low German core vocabulary, and offer Latin equivalents and in most cases additional Middle Low German explanations, such as synonyms, paraphrases, or examples.

The convenient search function allows for both Latin and Middle Low German search queries, and the service is designed for access on mobile devices as well. A great complement to the long-established and much-valued Schiller-Lübben.

Project management: Dr. Robert Damme (Kommission für Mundart- und Namenforschung Westfalens, Münster)