Conference on Words


Wörter. Words. The things dictionary articles aim to explain. Indubitably a fitting title for a conference on lexicography, lexicology, etymology and word formation.

The conference with this meaningful, mysterious title will take place next week from the 22nd to the 24th of September in Leipzig.

The programme promises a wide range of presentations on topics close to my field of research as well as some very interesting questions circling in the periphery, both of which I am sure will broaden my perspective on the words in Engelhus’ dictionary.

Analysing an existing, more than 500 year old dictionary I am particularly looking forward to learning what questions, problems and solutions lexicographers come up with with nowadays, and how they compare to the ones Engelhus faced back then.

For more information on this exciting conference see the official website: Wörter. Wortbildung, Lexikologie und Lexikographie, Etymologie.


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